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Pick 'n' Mix Supersize is a FREE resource that contains all the essential elements required for running a Camp in lockdown.


Get Planning 

We've made Supersize really flexible so that you can pick 'n' mix the bits that work for your Group in your current situation; whether that's running a special evening or going all out and making a weekend of it.  There's also a really wide range of  activities to ensure you don't spend all day on Zoom; including crafts, baking and lots of crazy games. 

To make it simple to use, the sections below link to the full day programme. But remember you can pick 'n' mix any activities to create the best session for your Group.  We've also created a short Leader's User Guide to help you get started. 

Download Leader's User Guide



Mealtimes are a special part of Camp life. Whether it's debating the best way to cook eggy-bread, waiting for seconds of that awesome pudding or simply chatting with friends; we know that memories are made over shared meals.  So, we have put our thinking hats on to explore how virtual mealtimes can be equally fun and laughter-filled. 

Download Mealtime Ideas

Get Moving


Active Challenges 

Getting active together is great fun. Use our challenge videos to get your Group on their feet and moving.  For the more competitive amongst you, we've included a medal table so participants can bask in their sporting achievements! (Frying-pan tennis will definitely be in Wimbledon next year...). Some of these activities can be done via Zoom, whilst others need a bit of outdoor space and would work well as part of an offline challenge.  All can be done with everyday items you'll find at home. 

Download medal table 


Download video here


Download video here


Download video here


Download video here


Download video here


Anthony's Awesome Aerobics

Our very own Joe Wicks brings you a short routine to get your blood pumping. Join in with the video together via Zoom and if you're feeling fit then you can create your own aerobics moves to extend the session! 

Download video here

Teaching Sessions: Faith not Fear


The teaching material is split into 4 sessions and designed for 8-16 year olds with separate, interactive sessions and age-appropriate activities for 8-11s and 11-16s. Click on the links below to access the teaching videos, group activities and worship playlists for each session. 

Session 1: Trust in the midst of chaos

Session 2: Standing in faith reliant on Jesus

Session 3: Exercising your faith muscle

Session 4: Stepping out in faith

Pick 'n' Mix Activities - Indoors

Photo Challenge

This is a photo challenge with an added twist. Using the movie quotes provided, send your Group away to take the most creative photo they can. It's not about your movie knowledge...it's all about how far out of the box you can think! 

Download photo challenge

Mad Hatter

Send your young people off to root around their house for items that will help create the maddest hat they can build! This one is easy, free and will produce a hilarious selfie!

Download Mad Hatter

Remember there are lots of indoor challenges in the Get Moving section above too. 

Pick 'n' Mix Activities - Outdoors

We have created lots of activities for you and your Group to enjoy, but please make sure you always stick to current government guidance when enjoying time outside your home.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt: Looking for some hilarious photos, then this is the scavenger hunt for your Group! Do remind your young people to stick to government guidelines if they choose to go around in small groups. 

Download scavenger hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: If you want a longer scavenger hunt that gets your young people thinking creatively, this alphabet scavenger hunt is a brilliant option.

Download alphabet scavenger hunt

Remember there are lots of outdoor challenges in the Get Moving section above too. 

Pick 'n' Mix Activities - to Grow Faith 

God Object 

As a practical outworking of what they have learnt, this activity motivates your young people to find an object that represents an aspect of God’s character or nature and share it with their group.

Download God object 

Journaling with God

With extra time at home, there is a great opportunity to encourage your young people to start learning the incredible tool of journaling.

Download journaling with God

Prayer Walk

Prayer walking may be new to your Group and this is a great introduction to it, demonstrating just how easy it is to talk to God whilst walking around our local area. 

Download prayer walk

Crafts and Cakes

Get Baking 

Everyone loves cake! Download our recipe book and bake something yummy, then encourage your Group to share photos of their creations via Zoom later on (remember to make sure your consent form has appropriate photo permissions on it). 

Download recipe book


Looking for a craft that links to the teaching session? Then download this craft pack for heaps of arty fun! 

Download craft pack

And here's a video of one of crafts to encourage you to have a go. 

Download video here

Zoom Quiz

Looking for a new game to play with your Group online? Then we have just the thing right here. Happy quizzing! 

Download quiz pack

Download participant sheet

Movie Night

What better way to end the day than with a movie, pop-corn and hot chocolate?!  Search iplayer (or one of the other i-channels) and pick an age-appropriate movie that's currently showing. Give your Group details on how to access the film. Agree a movie start time and then have a Zoom catch-up at the end to chat and chill together. 

Campfire oranges are a big favourite of ours for an evening snack and the great news is they are super-easy to make. They can be prepared earlier following the recipe provided (click here to download recipe book) and then popped in the oven so they are ready at the end of the film.

Overnight Extra

For those looking to extend their adventure here's some suggestions to share with your Group for camping at home. (Do remind your Group that they should ask their parent/guardian for permission before setting up camp!)


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