Annual Reports

Every year, our Board of Trustees compile a report on the outcomes and accounts of the movement. These are available to view below.

2018 Report Summary

Where does our income come from?

Last year we invested over £2.8m to make young disciples for Jesus. 39% came from donations and legacies, 14% from our 40 Camps, 13% from Overseas Adventures, 12% from the Westbrook Residential Centre, 11% from Energize subscriptions and 11% from Training, Local Groups and Rental income.

How did we invest the £2.85m last year?

The pie chart summarises each of our ministry investment areas. Let’s look at each in turn, clockwise and starting at the top:

Field Impact Teams and New Groups £433,000 – this is our investment in the core of the new strategy. We employ Impact Team Leaders in regions to raise up local volunteers. The trained volunteers gather children and young people into weekly groups and love, disciple and launch them into the world as disciples of Jesus Christ. We were able to employ Impact Team Leaders in 7 of the 12 UK regions and more recently have recruited an 8th. This section also includes our Training Manager and Additional Needs Director who lead our much-acclaimed training across the UK and beyond.

Member Group finances £219,000 – Urban Saints is a member organisation and where Group finances exceed £2,000 of annual transactions or balances, the income, expenditure and assets are included in our accounts. There were 17 such Groups last year.

Westbrook Residential Centre £421,000 – the running costs of the Westbrook estate, building, staff and oversight. Westbrook was used for over 8,000 bed nights and hosted a range of school visits, holiday clubs, swimming, ecology and adventure events.

Camps £421,000 – the running costs for the forty camps that we host and organise for over 3,000 young people. Just over 1 FTE (full time equivalent member of staff) is based in the Support Centre with the rest of the team volunteers. A significant proportion of these costs relate to equipment hire and accommodation and are recovered through Camps fees.

Overseas Adventures £389,000 – we run adventures to Mexico and South Africa and hope to expand our locations in future. These are the costs of the adventures for the young people and leaders, and are mostly air fares, accommodation and food. We employed just under 2 FTE last year in the Support Centre.

Energize Resources £139,000 – Energize is now used by over 1,600 churches and organisations from every major denomination in the UK. On average, each church has three groups and Energize is being used to disciple over 35,000 children and young people each week. Around half of the costs were for freelance session writers and the 2.2 FTE staff who look after subscribers, website and edit sessions for ages 3-4 all the way to 15+. The other costs were a much-needed modernisation of the website, logo and design.

Marketing and Communications £153,000 – one of the pillars of the new strategy is a united identity. We invested in a new logo, market research and prepared the plans for a new website and clearer messaging for the future. We expect our external communications to increase as the new Groups roll out. We employ 2 FTE in the Support Centre to lead the above as well as designing brochures, leaflets and e-marketing to share events, news, resources, opportunities and updates with over 100,000 people.

Operations and Governance £523,000 – the backbone of the day-to-day ministry. This includes our Board of Trustees, governance sub-committees, most of our CEO and Operations Director, IT assets, the Finance, HR, IT, Training & Compliance, Safeguarding, Database and Customer Service teams at the Support Centre, as well as building maintenance costs and depreciation.

Fundraising £152,000 – this includes one member of staff in the Support Centre and proportions of the Business & Marketing Director, Regional Impact Team Leaders, the CEO and PA. We build long-term partnerships with Trusts and Donors through face to face meetings, local dinners, brochures, mail, Facebook interest groups and email. You entrusted us with over £1m last year and we hope that ‘This is US’ has excited you about all that God is doing.


2018 Full Report - Download PDF

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