A big pile of colourful resource boxes piled up ready to be given away at NYMW in Birmingham this November

Have you ever been invited?

Have you ever been invited? How did it make you feel? We all like to be invited, to be included, to belong, but for one in five children and young people across the UK being invited is a feeling that they rarely experience. Children and young people with additional needs are...

Mark Instone - new member of the Urban Saints Board of Trustees

Meet Mark Instone

At our 2021 AGM some new Trustees were appointed to the Board and we asked them to share a little bit about their story and their involvement in Urban Saints. So, please meet Mark Instone... I have been involved with Crusaders/Urban Saints for over 50 years, receiving my 50 week Bible...

Shoes walking through undergrowth

Following in Kestin's footsteps

Picture the scene. A young man walks through a park one afternoon, praying and seeking lads to invite to a weekly Group to talk about Jesus. Sound familiar? Many of us know the story of how Crusaders / Urban Saints began with Albert Kestin meeting boys in a park in 1900. But...

A girl sitting on a rope swing during an Urban Saints Camp this summer

The changing frontline for Groups

Many of our Groups started back during the Autumn, in a variety of different ways. In September, several of the restrictions began to ease, offering a new sense of hope for Groups to begin meeting in person once again. During the first academic half term, our Impact Team Leaders were working...

Young person, holding his chin and looking down, while on an Urban Saints Camp this summer


One of the big questions that we all face, and particularly young people, is ‘What is our identity?’ At a recent Team conference we looked at ‘Who we are in God’, reading from Matthew 5. This is where Jesus starts to speak about the kind of kingdom that God is...

A young girl getting rather wet on an Urban Saints Camps this summer

Are you a supporter?

I love this quote from the Crusaders Annual Report in 1957: ‘Life as a Crusader is all too short – ten years at the most, and more often five, in length. As the years go by, an ever-increasing number recall with gratitude the lessons that they learned in their classes, for...