Urban Saints

How it all started

In 1900 Albert Kestin walked through a North London park on a Sunday afternoon and saw a group of boys playing instead of being in church. 

He asked them, “Why are you not in church lads?”, “It’s boring Sir!” they said. So, Albert asked the lads, “Would you come to an exciting Christian group if I set it up for you?” The lads agreed and, in that moment, the Urban Saints movement of volunteers leading young people’s Christian groups was born. Lasting 120 years and active across the UK, we have been a life changing family for 100,000s of young people and volunteers.

Our amazing volunteer leaders do this by providing young people and children with brilliant weekly groups, an exciting Christian programme and wonderful camps.

We are convinced that a volunteer-led approach to young people’s Christian groups has never been more important than it is today. Volunteers that are sacrificially committed, passionate and dedicated to young people, truly can change lives. God wants to do extraordinary things in 21st Century Britain - He is looking to partner with volunteers that recognise there are no short-cuts to changing a life or a culture. A young person’s life can’t be microwaved together in 3 minutes, it takes loving care and attention of years to see a young person grow and flourish. Yet there is a whole country out there desperate for what you can offer; lasting friendship, lasting family, lasting marriages, lasting faith and ultimately, everlasting life. Join us as we seek to make a truly lasting difference for Jesus across the UK today.

Our Vision

Urban Saints will be an effective disciple-making movement; reaching young people in every community in the UK and Ireland.

We will achieve this by implementing a missional strategy which gathers, loves, disciples and launches children and young people of all backgrounds, that they might live like Jesus and be part of God's church; actively seeking lives that lead, serve, evangelise and change the world.

Our Mission

The mission of Urban Saints is to make young disciples for Jesus.

This is our core purpose. It's why we exist. Whenever we decide to do anything, we will make sure that it fits with the mission.