As a team we are committed to the mission and vision of Urban Saints - to see more young people become disciples of Jesus. No matter what our job title, or the tasks we perform, each of us is working towards, contributing to that purpose.

Missions Team

Urban Saints' front line representatives - focusing on planting Groups and supporting our ministries locally and nationally.

Operations Team

The engine room of Urban Saints, driving the movement forward from behind the scenes.

Urban Saints Westbrook

Creating quality, tailored residential experiences at our Centre set in 18 acres on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Engagement Team

Resourcing the vision and building a common united identity and strong partnerships.

Safeguarding Team

Keeping young people safe across all the different areas at Urban Saints.


Our Leadership Team oversee everything that happens at Urban Saints. They are responsible for the future direction and vision of all we do.

Board of Trustees

We're so grateful to the faithful men and women on the Board who give their free time to serve Urban Saints, providing insight and holding the team to account.

Mission Sub-Committee

Engagement Sub-Committee

Enabling Sub-Committee