Why Give To Urban Saints?

Why give to Urban Saints?

We can give you 40,000 reasons.

That's the number of young people and children we connect with every week through over 1,200 local groups, special events, holidays, community projects and training programmes.

Your gifts ensure we can offer the very best meeting plan materials, creative and dynamic ideas for both outreach and discipleship and thorough, yet easy-to-access training for all these volunteer teams.

The church is making a huge difference but we know that 50% of all local churches have no provision for children and young people at all. Urban Saints are committed to seeing this change - and you can really help us. Your giving can have a dramatic effect on the mission of the church and the precious lives of these children and young people.

Your gift would enable Urban Saints to:

  • equip local churches with training, resources, support and encouragement.
  • offer life-changing experiences to young people such as events, holidays, community projects and training programmes.

We can't all be youth workers but we can all play our part to help children and young people fulfil their God-given potential.

"I have had the privilege of participating in numerous Urban Saints events having been a group member since the age of 8, each event being individual and special. There are not many organisations out there willing to give up their time for us youth, struggling to live as Christians in a secular culture with all its temptations.

But Urban Saints gives us the opportunity to grow, learn about ourselves and others and improve our skills in general. I was a young leader for the first time this year on a camp. It was inspirational seeing God work through such young children. Every time I attend an Urban Saints event, I know that someone has been touched by God."

Lia, 17