Every donation made to Urban Saints makes a significant difference for children and young people.

Making a donation

It is quick and simple to donate to Urban Saints and invest in the mission. You can choose whether you give regularly or as a one-off gift and you can give whatever way you find most convenient:

Don't forget - Urban Saints can claim back Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer (25p from every £1 donated). Please select 'Gift Aid' when donating online or download a Gift Aid form if giving by phone or post.

Other ways to support:

£1 Mission Club

Our new £1 Mission Club offers a simple way to support the work of Urban Saints. Join the Club by giving as little as £1 per month and we'll keep you updated regularly on what God is doing through the work of Urban Saints.

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Crusader Associates continue to support the work of Urban Saints through the lens of Crusaders. Many people received their first grounding of faith through a Crusader Class, Group or Camp and they have a deep affection for the movement and are integral to our influence as a ministry.

We ask that all our Associates sign the Basis of Faith, take time to pray for the movement and those that can give an annual subscription of just £25 (or more if you feel able). In return, we will send you 'Associate News', a biannual magazine plus a copy of our 'Pray4Change' prayer diary.

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Leaving a lasting legacy to Urban Saints as part of your will you can help secure and safeguard the ministry of Urban Saints, ensuring that this vital work continues to benefit young people in years to come.

We have a heritage that has stood the test of time through Crusaders and now Urban Saints. Over a century of history, reaching many generations with the message of Jesus. Ensuring that every young person hears the gospel and has an opportunity to choose Jesus as their Saviour. Your legacy will enable us to leave a strong legacy to the future generations of leaders.

Email Jo for more information about leaving a legacy

Gifts in Memory

When friends or relatives die, giving a gift in their memory can be a good way to show your respect and thanks for their life, and make a difference to the next generation.

By donating a gift to Urban Saints in their memory, you can ensure that young people will continue to be introduced to Jesus and have the assurance of being with Him forever. There is no greater gift to give anyone.

If you know your friend or relative has supported Crusaders and Urban Saints in their lifetime, why not stand with them now and honour their memory in this way.

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Email Jo to find out more about Gifts in Memory