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New 'All Inclusive?' Training Seminars

3rd Feb 2020

Building on the success of our ‘All Inclusive?’ training seminar, we’ve expanded this programme to include two extra essential seminars for church leaders, youth/children’s leaders, parents, teachers, and anyone who cares for children and young people with additional needs or disabilities:


 ‘All Inclusive?’

Working with children and young people with additional needs or disabilities – creating accessibility, inclusion and belonging for all. Most children’s/youth workers want to include children and young people of all abilities in what they do, but many can struggle to make this a reality.

How can parents, churches and children’s/youth workers not only understand more about the children we are working with, but also change the way we work with them so that we can be more inclusive? This introductory training seminar shows us how.


 ‘All Inclusive?: Making Sense Of Our Senses’

There are at least eight senses; five that we can all think of; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, as well as three that we might not know so much about; vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness), and interoception (awareness of what’s happening inside our bodies).

This seminar explores all eight senses and provides us with practical ways to learn about them regarding children we care for in a club or group, as well as understanding sensory based additional needs including Sensory Processing Disorder. We also think about what Jesus did when he met people with sensory impairments, and more!


 ‘All Inclusive?: Disability Equality’

This seminar looks at disability equality legislation and guidelines including the terms used in current disability legislation, specifically the Equality Act 2010, in relation to children’s/youth work.

Essential information, tips, and resources to help and equip us; providing us with everything we need to understand how to be compliant with current disability equality legislation regarding children, young people, and adult team members with additional needs or disabilities within groups, camps and overseas mission trips etc.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a more accessible and inclusive church or group where everyone belongs, or you have already been to an ‘All Inclusive?’ training session and would like to explore the next steps with one of our new training seminars, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact Mark Arnold, our Additional Needs Ministry Director: