Alumni Club

Were you in a local Urban Saints' Group or part of a Camp, Overseas Adventure or mission trip when you were younger? Why not join our free Alumni Club?!

What is it?

The Urban Saints Alumni Club is a place for reconnecting with others in Urban Saints. It's an opportunity for sharing treasured memories with others, catching up and keeping up-to-date with what is happening today with Urban Saints' mission to reach the next generations.

If you wish, we could introduce you to Urban Saints' Groups close to where you live and help you connect with like-minded people. You might even end up joining their prayer team or one day volunteering in the weekly Group sessions?!


Who is it for?

The Urban Saints Alumni Club is totally free to join and is for anyone who has previously been part of an Urban Saints weekly Group, enjoyed a Camp or Holiday or an Overseas Adventure, mission or discipleship trip.

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What will Club members receive?

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