Once a Crusader, always looking to Jesus!

Were you a Crusader? Did you go to a weekly class or group? Did you go on Crusader camps or holidays? Did you go on Crusoe or other overseas trips?

Ever wondered what happened to all those people you met? Would you like to reminisce with photos, memories, and stories from other Crusaders?

Then come over to Facebook and join the Crusaders Reunited group – remembering all things Crusaders from 1906 to 2006 and connecting those with a history with Crusaders, or who are currently Crusader Associates and are supporting the ongoing ministry through Urban Saints.

Do invite your Crusader friends too.

Crusaders Reunited Facebook Group

Why not become an Associate?

Crusader Associates continue to support the work of Urban Saints through the lens of Crusaders. Many people received their first grounding of faith through a Crusader Class, Group or Camp and they have a deep affection for the movement and are integral to our influence as a ministry. Becoming an Associate is a great way to pass on the baton to the next generations.

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