'All Inclusive?'

'All Inclusive?' is an essential seminar for all parents, teachers, church leaders, youth and children’s leaders, and anyone who cares about children and young people with special / additional needs or disabilities.


Most children’s and youth workers want to include kids of all abilities and needs in what they do, but many struggle to make this a reality. There are many different kinds of special or additional need, and each one, each child, can present different challenges (and opportunities!)
It is hard for children’s and youth workers to navigate the right path through this sometimes difficult and complex area; being caring, inclusive and supportive to each child (and their families), while not losing focus on the needs of the rest of the group.
This is an area that is confusing and challenging to many of us who are responsible for looking after children and young people who have special or additional needs. How can parents, churches and children’s/youth workers not only understand more about the children we are working with, but also change the way we work with them so to be more inclusive? 

The 'All Inclusive?' seminar

In this seminar we will: 

  • Explore some of the statistics and explode some of the myths surrounding working with kids with special needs. 
  • Look at some of the key strategies that you can use to make what you offer more inclusive. 
  • Identify some of the amazing benefits that inclusion can bring to your whole group. 
  • We’ll also highlight some further resources that you can use as you work though this with your teams. 

This interactive training can be tailored to meet the needs of the church or group hosting it. The programme is usually presented on a weekday evening in two halves, each lasting around 40 minutes, with a 20 minute interval in between and a Q&A session afterwards. This will include an opportunity to hear about how Urban Saints can serve churches in its work with children and young people, plus the chance to look at various resources during the interval. Longer weekend sessions are available on request.

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The speaker

Presented by Mark Arnold, who is the Additional Needs Ministry Director at youth and children’s missionary movement Urban Saints (formerly known as Crusaders). 
Mark has over 20 years of youth work experience and is the father of James, a boy with Autism.


Through All Inclusive? we have provided thousands of leaders from hundreds of churches and groups with the skills and inspiration to include everyone in their children's and youth work. Here's what some leaders had to say about it:

“‘All Inclusive?’ is a uniquely valuable and essential training session for anyone to be better equipped to understand, work with, and love those with additional needs. Mark’s specialist knowledge, personal experience, and love for people really comes through and there was lots of very practical ideas to take away and use at home/school/church.”  Dave Pegg, The PACE Trust

“Thank you so much for today. People went away buzzing. You are very good at adapting to the needs of the people in the room and everyone took home strategies and food for thought. You also make it very entertaining!” – Heather Lane, Children’s Team, St. Andrews Hertford

Thank you so much once again for Monday night! It was a truly wonderful evening and I've had such great feedback from the team already! They thought you were brilliant at delivering informative and super helpful training in a fun, interesting and very listenable way! It's such a fantastic training resource that every church should hear and I'm so grateful that you have been able to do that for us! Keep up the amazing work Mark!
All Inclusive? Plymouth - October 2017

I was blown away with the relaxed, warm, friendly yet professional approach and delivery of the session with the minimum of fuss – it was wonderful. It had the right balance of listening and practical work and the resources were very well laid out and will be a “go-to” resource when we have questions. I feel really supported now in this area, and know that I can approach you and the Urban Saints team for further information and advice as we look to improve our practice with children and young people with additional needs. Thank you for working with us and being so understanding and patient – I wish you all the best as you continue to deliver this vital training in a full-time capacity.
All Inclusive? Aylesbury – April 2017)

“The event was really well presented and organised, with comprehensive information and great links for further study/support post event.” “Last Friday’s ALL INCLUSIVE training was excellent… Thank you lots Mark! Much regards and may God truly bless your ministry.”
All Inclusive? Battle – September 2017

"A great training session, well presented. Thank you Mark for sharing your personal experiences and knowledge. Will recommend to others." "Good input – thoughtful, well considered – focused on how to engage children/young people and enable them to be active participants." "Great presentation, clear and very well communicated." "Good interactive sessions. Thank you."
All Inclusive? Rickmansworth – September 2017

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We also provide a consultancy programme called 'All Inclusive:2U', to offer churches personalised expert advice during one of their childrens/youth group sessions. Find out more