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New website launches

18th Nov 2019

We are just a little excited... it's our pleasure to reveal the new Urban Saints website! Do take a look around and make yourself at home.

We've taken our time to redevelop the site, which was last updated back in 2012, to put a greater emphasis on recruiting and supporting volunteers.

We believe that the key to making a whole generation of young disciples for Christ is people like you. To reflect this belief, we wanted to prioritise supporting the hundreds of faithful Urban Saints Group volunteers - making the volunteer guides, forms and training easier to access. We have also made more of our vision to recruit more volunteers to start more local weekly disciple-making youth groups across the UK and Ireland.

The new website contains a map of Urban Saints Groups to help you locate your nearest one - as well as the location of our over 40 Camps. We've simplified the pages about our Overseas Adventures and our events and experiences. You can also now filter the news and updates by category to make them easier to find.

Whether you are keen on understanding more about our strategy, our history, our basis of faith, the make up of our team or how you can get more involved, you can find it all on the new Urban Saints website.

Why not join us and together we can make young disciples and transform those young lives for Jesus?!

Time to take a look around... so where will you begin?


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