Ripon Urban Saints

18th Mar 2024

Update from Ripon Urban Saints

In case you weren’t aware, Urban Saints groups don’t just meet after school hours or at weekends, but some groups meet together at school as well.

Urban Saints Ripon in Yorkshire started just a year ago They meet at lunchtime to have fun, connect with each other as well as enjoy learning about Jesus.

Each week, the young people engage in games and crafts. Just take a look at the stunning artwork representing the Bible characters, as well as the playdough, construction blocks and cake-decorating creations.

Group Leader Claire-Lise says that the school duty staff have commented that they can tell the difference at lunchtime, the days that the club meets.

A very big thank you to the club leaders, as well as the school leadership for making this happen.

We pray that the group will continue going strong and that God’s love will spread throughout the school.

If this inspires you and you would like to get involved in starting an Urban Saints group, or be a part of one near you, please get in touch.