Strength in Numbers - join the £1 Mission Club

9th Jul 2020

If one of your friends gave you £1 a month what would you spend it on?

What if 20 of your friends and family members gave you £1 each a month?

What if all your friends and family members gave you £1 each a month?

You get the gist.

Urban Saints has started a new Urban Saints £1 Mission Club.

We're inviting you to join others who have a connection with us, either when we were known as Crusaders or as Urban Saints. A small gift will make a huge difference in discipling young people. For there is strength in numbers!

Why join Urban Saints Mission Club?

Because Urban Saints’ mission is growing and with people like you on board, it will grow even more across the UK and Ireland. Since lockdown, children and young people have continued to meet together online and are experiencing the life-changing journey of following Jesus in weekly Groups.

We have also continued to train volunteers for new Groups since lockdown. Five new Groups are in the pipeline - but the need for more is so great.

We could never give a pair of flip flops when the road ahead demands walking boots. We build Groups with lasting foundations – recruiting volunteers who are committed for the long-haul, well trained, well led and faithfully devoted to Jesus. We walk faithfully with young people week by week, year by year. We introduce young people to Jesus and help them to build lasting foundations as they walk with Jesus.

‘I like doing the Group calls as it means I get to see my friends still as I won’t see them for a while now and it's really fun. I have lots of laughs and it's really nice to see us all together doing something we might not be able to do for a while in real life, so I really enjoy it. It helps me to stay positive when things are not good in the world,’ Thomas told us.

Thomas was invited by friends to join an online weekly Group in Staffordshire when the lockdown started. He can now share his good and bad times with friends and has a real sense of belonging.

Thomas has started his walk of learning about Jesus. It will be a long adventurous walk. Some days will be rocky, others great fun as he navigates the terrain of discipleship. He will need his walking boots rather than flip flops. But to know that he will be sharing life with others in a safe Christian space is what makes Urban Saints’ Groups so important.

However, his story is far from unique. Today there are tens of thousands of young people across the UK and Ireland who are struggling with what has happened.

Their lives have taken an unexpected turn due to the coronavirus crisis.

On top of isolation, many are dealing with the disappointment or fear of missing lessons in school. For some home is not safe. Yet now they remain at home for most of their time.

‘It helps me to stay positive when things are not good in the world.’
Thomas, 13 from Staffordshire

In a time when young people are uncertain or scared of the future, if we could just bring the hope, the belonging, the community with more Groups:

120 years of introducing young people to Jesus has taught us that God’s plans for young people usually involve Him calling people to pray, to give, to encourage.

If you share the same conviction, can we invite you to join Urban Saints £1 Mission Club? To give a child like Thomas walking boots in place of flip flops.

When 10 people like you give £1 each a month, you can help a child to be loved and cared for in a new Group. For there is strength in numbers.

We would love to hear from you and you can donate online at£1club

Together, Jesus can transform another young person’s life.