Energize: Beyond group resources

9th Jul 2020

Energize, our website packed with activities, discussions and videos for transforming young lives, has been supporting group leaders for the best part of two decades now. Over the years, the world of youth and children's ministry has changed dramatically. Our methods for making young disciples have changed with it. But nothing compares to the new challenges we've experienced since the start of 2020.

Over the past few months, our team have been working hard to transform Energize as we responded to the impact of coronavirus. A resource primarily focused on providing support to weekly children and youth groups meeting in person, has become so much more. Energize is now a platform which meets the varied needs of online groups, parents schooling at home and groups that, for whatever reason, can’t meet at all.

We have learnt a lot along the way, and we are continuing to do so, as we gather feedback and listen to the changing needs of our subscribers. We have drawn on the full range of experience from across the Urban Saints team - not just the Energize Team - as we have looked to develop new resources, adapt existing ones and improve some of the older materials too.

We remain committed to helping you continue to disciple children young people through these difficult days. Here are just a few of the ways that Energize can help leaders and parents right now:

Free access until the autumn

If you are new to Energize we recognise that this can be a tricky time to commit to a subscription. Whilst we continue to offer a 30-day free trial, you can now sign up to Energize at any time and not start paying until the autumn.

Sign up for a free trial

Summer subscription offer

Adding parents to your account

If you already have an Energize account we are extending the opportunity of adding parents to your account so they can access Energize resources directly.

Adding parents to your account

Take out a Families Subscription

For parents who are not linked to churches which have an Energize subscription, we are now offering an opportunity to take out a subscription for a family unit at a reduced rate.

Energize Families Subscription

Online meetings

We have a great (and growing!) range of resources for groups that are meeting online.

Zoom Pick’N’Mix Sessions

Zoom users’ guide

‘At Home’ activities

If your group isn’t able to meet online, we have some great resources to help children and young people continue their discipleship journey from the comfort of their own homes.

Energize at Home

Kids Club by Post

Additional resources

Energize continues to develop resources to support leaders in helping young people understand and engage with issues of justice and stay strong in their mental health and general wellbeing. We have also been hearing regularly from our ‘Young Blogger’ who has been helping us understand what lockdown has looked like from a teenage perspective.

Energize in the News Special: Racism

Building Resilience in Young People

Helping Young People Cope With Loss

Young Blogger

Whatever the circumstances are you find yourself in, you don't have to settle for making do, when you can continue to make disciples for Christ. Try Energize and carry on making a lasting difference in their lives. At home. As part of your church community. Wherever you interact with young people.

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