Young people enjoying rafting at Spree Central at Rock UK's Frontier Centre

The perfect mix...

9th Jan 2020

“It’s the perfect mix of having fun outside and hearing about Jesus!” 

Urban Saints’ Camps and Sprees provide opportunities for children and young people to gather together, find a sense of belonging as they are loved by their leaders, get to know Jesus better whatever stage of faith they are at and then become discipled and go on to be launched into the world to live like Jesus. 

Many Groups go to one of six Sprees we put on across the country and experience an action-packed fun weekend where children and young people hear the Christian message, some for the first time. Here’s some feedback from Leaders this summer:

It’s the simple things that matter…

"One young person told me she was rubbish at the climbing wall and had never gone higher than 1 metre. She only went and made it to the top - a real achievement."

"One child we brought is in care, and being away and having simple things like hot chocolate was a real treat for her." 


"One young person with Asperger's was a little nervous of coming, but threw herself into the sessions, saying, "I learnt a lot and was able to feel closer to God". She spoke to a member of the band about when she had seen them perform before and how that had been significant for her. This may not seem huge, but for someone who finds men intimidating and groups very difficult, it is so significant."

"Our parents with children with additional needs felt they were very included. One boy did not want to come off the foam slide, and the team running it were very patient with that."


"It’s been great that our older lads have always wanted to keep coming as Service Crew."

Being part of something bigger

"Spree gives me the opportunity to take a back seat and watch how my young people engage in faith in a different environment."

"It was amazing to see some very anxious children push past their normal comfort zones, build relationships, and experience worship and teaching in a way very different than our little church with no musicians/children's workers can provide. They started talking about next year almost as soon as we arrived as they all liked it so much."

The Impact of the Gospel

"Nine of our children stood up and committed themselves to Jesus and it has been amazing to see their lives transformed after the weekend."

"Children who have stopped coming to church because they don’t believe were livened up, excited and talking once again about God."

"One of my young people is having a really difficult time at home, with her parents threatening divorce. In one of the sessions, she told our small group that people had been praying and she was seeing a difference. She is new to church, and I was really encouraged to hear and see her sharing and becoming vulnerable to our youth group. I don't think this would have happened outside Spree."

"The young people seemed to connect with both the talks and the worship. We saw them raise their hands in worship and go forward to receive prayer for the first time, which were both really exciting. A real encouragement was that everything was done in a way that felt safe."

"One girl whose mum has a background in witchcraft, but became a Christian a few years ago, had not been to anything like Spree before. She loved it and responded the first night, wanting to go to the next level with God."

For more information about our Spree weekends and dates for 2020, click below.

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