Jonny Gerrard will be co-leading his first Urban Saints Camp after growing up through Camps since 9 years old

Discipled through Camps

6th Feb 2019

"Captivated by how amazing and fun a life with Jesus could be..."

Urban Saints Camps are a fantastic discipleship accelerator and a great learning environment to develop in leadership. The annual camp experience is all about making memories and building faith and young people often return year on year. We spoke to Jonathan, a young leader, who has seen the great blessing of growing (up) through his annual Urban Saints Camps experiences...

"My first Urban Saints Camp was Nefyn Junior Camp when I was a mere 9 year old. Since then I have been to countless different camps all across Wales from Family Camps to Spree Wales to Middle Park Camp, going from camper to service crew to leader and everything in between.

Every time I stepped up I was guided and encouraged and was given plenty of support to grow in confidence in my abilities and in my faith, giving me a real sense of freedom and enthusiasm to serve and lead and love all those around me. I have built many great relationships and lifelong friendships with others my age and with others further along their journey than me. These relationships have impacted me in my day-to-day life, and that has been invaluable for me to grow in my relationship with Christ.

Right from the start I have only ever been showed love by the leaders on the Camps. Even when I had some stroppy moments as a 9 year old and some very stroppy moments as a teenager, the investment and compassion of leaders showed me Jesus’ love for me. I was shown that there was more to discipleship than just believing that there was a God and then calling yourself a Christian, I learnt that God wants a relationship and a life with me. I was captivated by how amazing and fun a life with Jesus could be and I wanted that lifestyle for myself. Many people on Camps modelled this to me and chatted to me about the personality of God and how that might affect my life, they showed me how to gain a deeper relationship with my Saviour, King, and best friend.  

Urban Saints Camps have played a huge part in my journey and taught me lots about being a follower of Jesus and they continue to do it still. As I step up and take on more leadership roles, I am forever finding love and encouragement from those around me. I am seeing so much of God moving amongst young people, speaking to them and showing He loves them. It’s such a privilege to be a part of and I look forward to many years ahead."

Jonathan Gerrard, 22

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