Why Camps?

Adventures across the year

We've been running action-packed, adventure-filled Camps for children and young people since 1908 and the lasting impact of time away on an Urban Saints Camp is seen every year.

Why Camps?

We believe that Camps have a life-changing affect on every young person who experiences them, which is why we've been running them for over 100 years! 

Camps build confidence, offer new challenges and opportunities to grow, cement long-lasting friendships and relationships and provide space to explore faith in a safe, supportive environment.

"I can't believe how much coming to Camp each year has affected my life..."

It’s no wonder that young people come back year after year for their next adventure!

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Looking to organise your own adventures for your local group? Our Urban Saints Westbrook Centre on the Isle of Wight might be just what you need… click here to find out more.


Help bring the Adventure to life

All our Urban Saints’ Camps are volunteer-run and we’re always looking for more people like you to join the teams. Without skilled and enthusiastic volunteers, there would be no Urban Saints’ Camps at all and you could be the difference between a young person meeting with Jesus or not. No experience is necessary but when you’ve tried volunteering on one Camp you may never want to go anywhere else again!

Get in touch to find out where you could serve and help bring the adventure to life:

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