Safer Recruitment Volunteer Training

If you are volunteering with Urban Saints you may be requested to complete certain training courses. This page provides useful information on what training you may need to complete, and how to access the training.

Volunteer Training

As part of ensuring the safety of the children, young people and Volunteers, Urban Saints have a duty of care to provide suitable training for Volunteers. Depending on the role you are undertaking the exact nature of this training may be different from what is detailed here. 

Urban Saints offer free training for all Volunteers through an online training portal called iHasco. In certain situations we may offer training face to face as part of a larger group, or may accept training completed in a different context (such as a churches safeguarding training). 

Completing the training

1) Logging into the training
If you have been asked to complete online training we will create you an account on iHasco, and assign the relevant training courses for your voluntary role. We will also email with details of the link, and confirm the email address we have used to set up the account.

To log into the training follow this link and log in using your email address:

2) Selecting the course
After logging in you will be presented with a list of the courses which have been assigned to you. Click on a course title to show information about the course such as the outline of the key themes and an approximately how long it will take to complete the training.

To start the training click the green 'Start session' button.   

You can exit the training at any point by clicking the 'MyLMS' button in the top left corner. The system will automatically save your current progress so you can pick up from where you stopped the training.

3) Completing the training
The training course will be delivered through a mixture of video clips and multiple choice questions. As part of the training there may be additional resources available for download and links to useful websites. 

At the end of the training you will be asked to complete a short multiple choice assessment to ensure you have understood the training provided. Before taking the test you can review any of section of the course, and if you make a mistake in the test you can go back and revisit the training before retaking the test. 

Each course has a percentage pass mark assigned to it, and if you achieve higher than this mark, you will be issued with a certificate 




How to contact the team

Phone: 01582 589850 


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