Vision for 2020

Inspired by the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, the DNA of Urban Saints lies within the 111-year-old, Crusader model of volunteer leaders gathering young people into groups and then loving, discipling and launching them into the world to make a difference for Christ. 

Young people are desperate for community, belonging and for real rather than virtual adventure. Whether they know it or not, young people crave the purpose and love that only Jesus can fulfil. 

"Go and make disciples..."

Matthew 28:19

Our Vision for 2020

In 2020, Urban Saints will have a clear national identity; known for the discipleship of young people through weekly groups, annual camps and overseas mission. 

In 2020, a culture of prayer, well-being and inclusivity will wash across all we do. Urban Saints will be characterised by groups with a sense of adventure, mission and justice together. 

In 2020, Urban Saints leaders and young people will feel inspired, supported, empowered and self-motivated – ready to be disciple-makers and actively seeking opportunities to lead, serve, evangelise and change the world. 

Our Vision Pillars


We believe that young people meeting in weekly groups and being together on camps is a powerful way to change lives and disciple young people. We want every young person in the UK and Ireland to have the opportunity to get involved with quality Christian groups – especially the vast majority who remain unreached by existing Christian youth and children’s work. 

We will develop new Urban Saints volunteer-led groups across the UK and Ireland, inside and outside of the Church; supported by great camps, great leaders, great resources.


Energize is a first-class online resource supporting Christian group leaders in the delivery of excellent Christian youth and children’s work in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

We will develop this digital platform with great materials for use in independent groups, schools and churches, whatever the faith level of the young people.


For over 2,000 years, the adventure of pilgrimage has been a powerful part of a Christian’s development. Every young person deserves the opportunity to take part in an overseas discipleship trip that pushes boundaries, accelerates discipleship and engages them in justice whilst they learn and make friends.

We will develop overseas discipleship trips, integrating these hand-in-glove with independent groups, schools and churches, and will focus on removing the barriers to participation.


We believe Urban Saints should be a place of belonging for young people and leaders - a safe place where young people can take risks, make mistakes, and discover what it means to look to Jesus. 

Together, we will create a clear sense of belonging and identity; ‘To be an Urban Saint’ means you belong. We are all-inclusive and believe in the well-being of everyone, and especially want to serve those who are often overlooked.

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