Important update from the Trustees

Richard Langmead has left Urban Saints to pursue new opportunities. We wish him well for the future and are thankful to Richard for his contributions to Urban Saints during his time with us.

The strategy Richard developed in 2017 established a new, clear and distinctive direction for Urban Saints. The call to return to our roots and start more weekly Groups has led to fourteen new Groups since September 2018. Key areas of work for Urban Saints have been refreshed, including weekly Groups, Camps, residentials, additional needs training, Overseas Adventures and Energize.

As we commemorate 120 years of disciple-making (since Albert Kestin gathered that first group of boys in a living room in North London in April 1900), we look to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. We give thanks for the ministry of Urban Saints and pray for many more years of impact on the lives of young people.

The Board of Trustees
17th July 2020

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