Friends of Westbrook

The Friends of Westbrook is a society of people who hold the work and ministry of Westbrook close to heart.

Made up of historical campers who've known us from as early as our first Cru camp in 1948, to a new wave of emerging church leadership from within the Urban Saints movement - the Friends of Westbrook unites a couple of hundred folk through a shared love of our own dear Westbrook.

Friends receive regular newsletter updates on what we're up to, invites to celebrations, parties and formal dinners to name but a few. They enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones in Westbrook's own special environment. They pray for us, raise money for us, talk about us and keep us connected to our roots.

There is no cost associated with becoming a Friend of Westbrook so why not get in touch and join us.

  • Write to: Jo Baynham, Residential Director, Urban Saints Westbrook, Oakhill Road, Ryde, PO33 1PT
  • Email:
  • Call: 01983 811118
  • Or simply fill in the form below!