We're Recruiting: Support Worker, Scotland

2 months ago

Photo: Spree in the Borders We are looking for someone to support our Impact Team Leader in Scotland with admin duties, establish supportive relationships with group leaders in Scotland and support the administration of residentials and events. This is a home-based, part-time role (8 hours per week). The job requires good administrative and communication skills. For...

We're Recruiting... Finance Manager

2 months ago

In 2018, 95% of young people do not actively engage with Church. Urban Saints exists to meet these young people wherever they are and introduce them to Jesus through our network of exciting weekly groups, annual camps and overseas discipleship missions. None of this would be possible without effective and robust operations...

A small child sits alone on a bench - additional needs and disability support from Urban Saints

Making groups more accessible

3 months ago

At Urban Saints we love groups that are as accessible as possible for as many children and young people as possible. Our commitment to supporting those with additional needs and disabilities (and their families) is one way we are helping groups to become more accessible. If your group or church is...

Children’s Peer Groups: Same Age? Or Shared Interest?

3 months ago

Sometimes, we do things that can make very little sense at all. Sometimes, we do those things unthinkingly, because “It’s always been done that way…” Sometimes, it’s only when we are challenged to really think about it, that we realise that there might be a better way… That’s the journey...

Lady praying - the key to effective discipleship is to be more like Christ

Be more like Christ

3 months ago

What is discipleship? It is not knowing more information about Jesus but knowing Jesus and being transformed into his image by constant exposure to God’s grace. Jesus naturally discipled the disciples by hanging out and growing with them 24/7. This enabled the disciples to become more Christ-like in their behaviour. Becoming...

The cover of the Urban Saints 2018 Camps brochure - in 2018 we are making these Camps as accessible to all as possible

Camps For All

3 months ago

The fantastic Urban Saints Camps programme is already filling up fast and we'd love to make these fantastic annual opportunities open to every child and young person. However, for some, there may be reasons why our Camps are difficult to connect with... Here's three ways we have gone to great lengths to...