These ants have fed on one type of food and it has changed who they are - it's the same for the young people we disciple. They need a varied and healthy diet - not just spiritual milk

Spiritual Maturity

3 months ago

There is an idol of youth in our culture. I don't mean we worship young people, but we have a preoccupation with youth; whether it's looking younger, feeling young again, or recapturing what we missed out on. However, do we honestly want to go back to the school playground where we...

Energize is recruiting for two new editor roles to join our website team

Two new job opportunities - Energize Editors

4 months ago

In 2018, 95% of young people do not actively engage with Church. Urban Saints exists to meet these young people wherever they are and introduce them to Jesus.  Our amazing volunteer leaders gather young people and children together with brilliant weekly groups, an exciting Christian programme, wonderful camps and overseas missions....

Urban Saints logo Board of Trustees election result Jan 2018

Trustee Election Results

4 months ago

In January 2018, there was a vote to elect five Trustees to the Urban Saints Board. Two were returning Board members and the other three had been co-opted in 2017 and were now looking to become permanent Board members too. For full details, including the results, click the button below: 2018 Election of...

A colourful group of young people on an Urban Saints Camp - the new Operations Director will ensure that all runs smoothly and seamlessly for these young people this and every summer

Recruiting: Operations Director

4 months ago

We are looking for someone to build a first-class Operations Team and implement efficient and robust operating systems across the organisation. You will have a strong grasp of systems, processes, management structures, resources and logistics. You will be able to lead the Operations Team and deliver effective use of our resources...

Matt Summerfield and Richard Langmead interviewed by Rachel Gardner about Matt's decision to step down as President of Urban Saints

President to step down

4 months ago

After 18 years serving on team, Urban Saints President Matt Summerfield will be stepping down later this year. Watch the video below to hear the full story from Matt and Richard: "I will really miss Matt but he has our full support" - Richard Matt will be devoting the majority of his time and energy...

Young people enjoying the Urban Saints M + M Camp

Helping Young People Attend Camp

5 months ago

“Is James* booked in for camp this year?” I vividly remember asking James’ dad this question as he was dropping James off at our church Youth Group.  James’ dad looked sad. “James can’t go,” he said to me, “I’ve been off work for months and we can’t afford it.” I nodded, understanding their...