Strangers paid for my holiday

2 months ago

“She was overwhelmed by the idea that complete strangers would pay for her to have a holiday.” Over the years many people have very generously given to the Camp Bursary Fund to enable young people to attend camp who otherwise may not have been able to go. One leader gave us...

Man speaking through a tin can telephone - an update on communications from Urban Saints

Hear, hear

2 months ago

We're really grateful to all those who have signed up to receive updates and communications from Urban Saints. Our Communications Team have been working hard to update our records of all those who wish to remain in contact with Urban Saints. It does mean that we have been a little quiet recently,...

The 7 ethical questions blog on Premier Christianity - and our reflections on it

The Adventure of Living Justly

3 months ago

For over 2000 years, the adventure of pilgrimage has been a powerful part of a Christian's development. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in an Overseas Adventure that pushes boundaries, accelerates discipleship and engages them in justice whilst they learn and make friends. Over the...

Urban Saints invited to join the European Disability Network

3 months ago

The work of the Additional Needs Ministry at Urban Saints has been recognised internationally as the steering group of the European Disability Network have invited us to join, representing children and young people from the UK with additional needs or disabilities. The European Disability Network seeks to see a dynamic disability...

One Journey to Transform a Lifetime

4 months ago

The journey is far more important than the destination. Urban Saints is passionate about empowering group leaders to take their young people on cultural adventures of discovery, that deepen their relationships with each other and with God, and challenge them to live justly wherever they are in the world. Urban Saints offers...

Urban Saints website on mobile and desktop with keyboard

Give us your feedback

4 months ago

We're currently reviewing the Urban Saints website to better represent the Urban Saints vision for 2020. We've had the current version of the site for a few years now and we'd love to get some feedback from regular users, like you, to help us decide how to improve it and...