Thank you for dinner

11th Oct 2019

"The vision is something I can really get onboard with - it makes me wish I was 40 years younger!"

We are so grateful to everyone who is willing to stand with Urban Saints. Whatever your age, if you pray with us, donate towards the mission or give up your time to volunteer, we can't do what God has called us to without you.

It's an extra privilege that we get to spend time with some of you like we did last month. Five different 'Join The Mission' events took place with a whole range of supporters coming along to share dinner with the team in Solihull, Bournemouth, Welwyn Garden City and Dorking. As well as sharing a delicious family meal, there was time to catch up with old friends and to hear from Group Leaders, team members and from our CEO Richard Langmead about all that is happening in Urban Saints.

Each of the events was quite different with a mixture of stories shared from new and long-standing Urban Saints' Groups, reflections on Camps over the summer and other areas of ministry such as Energize, Overseas Adventures, Westbrook and Additional Needs. The consistent message throughout was that Urban Saints is growing as a ministry and Richard was keen to thank those attending for their continued prayers and support.

He was pleased to share that we've been able to start 7 new outreach Groups, and we are hoping that a further 10 will launch between now and Christmas - 17 in total for the year. In 2020 we hope to see that number again, as we look to double our impact.

Urban Saints is also seeing growth in:-

  • Resourcing 1,614 churches (99 more than last year), with over 4,000 groups and 10,000 volunteers using Energize training and on-line materials for ages 3 to 15+
  • 7 Impact Team Leaders have started 7 new missional Groups, with 10 more on the way – training 41 new volunteers and reaching over 200 young people
  • 39 Camps nationwide
  • Additional Needs – attended 60 events and conferences last year, training 769 leaders and receiving a feedback rating of 9.2/10
  • Overseas Adventures – to Mexico, South Africa and now Kenya and the Czech Republic
  • Westbrook Residential Centre – open 52 weeks a year. New facilities completed. More outdoor activities, environmental education and increasing schools bookings
  • Investing in our people, brand, content and technology.    

At Urban Saints our vision is to make young disciples for Jesus. We passionately believe that Groups are the way to see this happen. The challenges we face are in being able to resource enough Team Leaders to find volunteers, tackling the paperwork, compliance, safeguarding and training.

Our strategy is to see 12 Impact Team Leaders across the UK and Ireland, whose role it is to network, build relationships, to find and recruit volunteer Leaders who will setup and run local weekly disciple-making Groups. The more Impact Team Leaders we have the more volunteers we can recruit, the more Groups we can start and the more young people we can reach.

Richard finished by encouraging everyone to pray and to consider how they might best "Join The Mission". There was plenty of excitement and approving comments from the guests on the different nights and who knows what else God was doing as conversation flowed across the different tables? We do know that one of our team found himself sat next to someone from his home town that he hadn't met before - we know that particular conversation will continue long after the dinner has been packed away...!

"A very informative and encouraging evening... and we would like to help in any way we can!"

If you weren't able to join one of these events, we would like to run some more in the future. You'll have to keep a look out for news on this but in the meantime, you don't have to wait to 'Join The Mission' yourself. We need every volunteer, funder, intercessor and advocate we can find and we'd love to help you get more involved.

If you haven't already, why not sign up to the mailing list and let us know what you would like to hear more about.