Leading the way through 2019

10th Jan 2019

We are delighted to announce that we now have a complete Leadership Team once more. The team now consists of Richard Langmead (CEO), Louisa Mason (Operations Director) and Steve Wade (Business and Marketing Director), plus the newest member of the team, Claire Murphy (Impact Team Director).

We have introduced Richard and you will have heard from him in the past but what about the other members of this new Leadership Team. We asked them to tell us a bit of their story:

Claire Murphy:
Impact Team Director

You may recognise Claire Murphy as she has been on the Trustee Board from 2011 to February 2018. We spent over 18 months searching for someone to fulfil the critical role of Impact Team Director and, after three unsuccessful rounds of interviews, it was felt right to approach Claire to ask her to consider the role, believing she had many of the skills and giftings for which we were looking. After a thorough interview process and a report to the Charity Commission to agree the post, we were delighted when Claire accepted the role. 

"I first knew of Urban Saints as Crusaders, back in 2001, as a very new youth worker. I attended a couple of events, and quickly loved what I saw of how the organisation worked. I brought young people along to summer camps and got involved in programmes like ‘Radish’ and ‘React’. Over time I started using Energize material with my groups. In 2010, I had the privilege of being asked if I would consider joining the Board of Trustees. It was a proud moment when I was voted on, with the opportunity to engage with Urban Saints from a whole new perspective. 

I have wanted to work with young people for as long as I can remember. I have a degree in youth work and theology, and for the last 8 years I have worked as a lecturer in youth work and theology, teaching youth and children’s workers on higher education courses. Throughout this time, I have continued to engage with young people through a local schoolswork charity and through my church. 

I will be directly leading the Impact Team, providing them with support and help as they outwork the 2020 vision in the regions, camps and overseas projects. The vision takes Urban Saints back to its roots, while wanting to engage a new generation in opportunities to hear, meet and get to know God. It has been an honour to participate in the development of that vision as a Trustee, and I am so looking forward to becoming more involved in the daily, weekly and monthly realisation of the vision."

Louisa Mason
Operations Director

"I became a Christian when I was 15 through a friend at school and have been a passionate Jesus follower ever since! I am currently in an Anglican Church and training as a lay minister but am first and foremost a disciple. My work background is science, business, church and cheese! I started my career in cancer research and got into business management in the biotech sector. I then left this to start my own cheese tasting business alongside working part time for my local church as Operations Director.  

My role is to oversee the behind the scenes workings of the organisation. Operations are like the kidneys in the body. No one sees them from the outside but they are essential in keeping the body healthy! My role oversees Finance, HR, IT, safeguarding and other compliance. My main responsibilities are to make sure all aspects of our activities are compliant and adhering to the rigorous standards we set in safeguarding and good practice. We have so many wonderful Groups and Camps and it is important we support them in a way that helps them grow and be here for many years to come.

I am privileged to have a wonderful team and thank God He called me to Urban Saints."

Steve Wade
Business and Marketing Director

"My role looks after Resources, Marketing & Communications and Fundraising – developing our relationships with supporters, networks and denominations, as well as improving our resources, online and digital platforms – all so we reach and disciple many more young people across the UK.

Ever since university, my passion has been to reach people with the Gospel and help them follow Christ. Business-wise I led parts of the turnarounds at Argos, ‘3’ and BT, but as a family we always prioritised serving in the local church, whether leading drop-ins, children’s church, youth football, youth groups, other evangelism or discipleship. When the opportunity came to lead the roll-out of Billy Graham’s last sermon and then his UK ministry, I jumped at the chance and handed in my notice. They were an awe-inspiring three years!

Back in 2012 our church attended the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley. Urban Saints were one of the instigators and I remember my spirit lifting as 500 young people in red Urban Saints hoodies were welcomed around the pitch. The young people had a sincere desire for more of God that day. I had always loved using Energize and saw Urban Saints as an organisation that, like me, was never content with the status-quo. So when I made the call to find out more, I was excited about what God might have next. The chance to help reach and disciple the young people of a nation is a wonderful privilege."

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