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22nd Nov 2018

A message from Richard Langmead, CEO of Urban Saints:

Urban Saints Needs You - prayer, funding, impact team leaders, volunteer team leaders, groups, young people, disciplesI am so inspired when I hear the stories of how Crusaders, Urban Saints and other Christian youth groups have introduced people to Jesus Christ and shaped their lives of service. The joy, the memories, the friendships, wisdom and trust in Christ remind me of why Jesus gave us the Great Commission,

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19-20a, NIV

Today I am contacting all of our supporters to ask for your help.

This term we have started seven new outreach groups that are bringing the same Good News to young people, the same Biblical inspiration, and the same sense of belonging, through dedicated, caring volunteers.

We believe this missional strategy is exactly what is needed today and I will explain why we are looking to:


Many of us grew up attending Crusaders, Urban Saints or similar Christian youth groups. As I look back, I am astounded by how much my weekly group shaped who I have become! Do any of my memories resonate with you?

  • the committed care of leaders every week
  • the safe space to discuss life’s challenges
  • the shared memories and adventures of camps
  • the friends, the sense of belonging and family
  • being introduced to the Lord Jesus
  • learning to navigate life’s challenge with God’s teaching.

I remember my leaders Tom and Andy. They passed on the goodness of God and showed me how to live life in all its fullness. I am so grateful for them.

Young people today are facing what often feel like overwhelming pressures – exams, low self-esteem, social media, knives, drugs and loneliness. Looking forward, they see future debt, more and more exams, sky-high rents, and a housing market that makes it difficult to move or afford somewhere to live.

Often young people escape to the ‘virtual’ world of social media, YouTube and video games. Others take drugs. Others join gangs.

They want to belong. They want to feel loved. They want hope. What was special about your youth group that you would love for young people today?


The spiritual and emotional giants above are huge and can be the root of so many issues. Last month, the World Economic Forum published a scientific study. They challenged nations to learn from how Iceland has changed the lives of its young people inside twenty years. You can read more here: www.urbansaints.org/iceland

With your support, Urban Saints is already battling these giants across the UK with our weekly groups, camps, residentials, additional needs training, overseas discipleship adventures, and the award winning Energize discipleship resources – but there are so many more young people to reach.

It's clear we desperately need a new generation of giant slayers who will step up and stand for God in this ageYou may remember the story of the boy David who stepped up to slay the giant Goliath when no one else had the courage (1 Samuel 17). David inspired others to join him and, in 1 Samuel 23, had 600 men following him. It is interesting to note that The Crusaders’ Union (as Urban Saints was known until 2006) started with a membership of some 600 in 1906.

It took some time, but when David became King, he had gathered 30,000 followers (2 Samuel 6). Towards the end of his life, David had raised up many mighty warriors (2 Samuel 23). It is exciting to think of how many Crusaders and Urban Saints have gone on to courageous and faith-filled exploits for God.

£10 helps one young person be introduced to Jesus Christ and find a sense of belonging in a weekly youth group. Our appeal today is for £100,000 so that Urban Saints can impact the lives of another 1,000 young people throughout 2019.

Our Impact Team leaders are actively looking right now for volunteer leaders and helpers who are in it for the long haul – those who will commit to caring for young people, not for months, but for years, maybe even decades.

The team at the new Boscombe Urban Saints Group, with Impact Team Leader Andy Roberts (left)

Boscombe Urban Saints have started meeting on Thursday evenings. Andy Roberts, Impact Team Leader (pictured, first left), is excited by all God is doing, “Tonight the phone background for one of the young people and her friend was a selfie they had taken several weeks ago with the team behind them. At the bottom of the photo was written ‘my second family’. The girls come from unchurched families but are now attending a local church.”


In addition to the existing ministries, we’re looking to start 42 new outreach groups by the end of 2020. On the map, you can see the location of the groups that have already started or are about to start.

We believe the strategy is bold and exactly what is needed. Please will you:

Pray. We have over 800 prayer supporters, but we would love even more for this kind of national front-line evangelism and discipleship. If you haven’t yet, please sign-up for prayer updates.

Become a prayer supporter

Share. Can you tell others about the new Urban Saints Groups and look out for people who have a passion to reach and disciple young people?

Tell others why Urban Saints love groups

Volunteer. Would you pray about whether God is calling you to volunteer in some way We are believing God for a tidal wave of volunteers, old and young, who hear His call.

Get involved as a volunteer

Give monthly. Young people deserve long-term commitment. For us that means at least 10 years. Can you commit too by giving monthly?

Give at Christmas. We are believing God for £100,000 by the end of the year so that we can reach out to and gather another 1,000 young people. Can you donate today?

Donate now

What difference will I make?

Every £10 that you give will help one young person be introduced to the Lord Jesus and find a sense of belonging in a weekly youth group.

Yours in His service,

Richard Langmead
Chief Executive Officer


P.S. Will you give today to see the vision become a reality? Thank you!

‘The word of God spread, and the number of disciples multiplied greatly.’ Acts 6:7




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