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20th Nov 2018

70 years of youth and children's groups gathering at our residential centre on the Isle of Wight - and now you can own a permanent reminder of this rich and varied history.

Back at the very beginning of 2018, we began the search for group photos taken at Urban Saints Westbrook - our centre near Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Since 1948, groups have been taking time away together in this special place and most groups have taken a photo together on the front entrance steps of the main house. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Urban Saints Westbrook, we hoped to collect one photo like this for every year that the place had been in operation.

You may have read over the summer that we were successful in this mission. The final design took pride of place in the entrance way of Urban Saints Westbrook 70 years, to the day, after the first Camp took place. The huge framed poster has been attracting attention from all the subsequent visitors - both old and young alike - all hoping to see if they feature in the montage.

Which is all well and good if you happen to be heading to the Isle of Wight... but if not, you would not have had the chance to see this wonderful snapshot of Urban Saints Westbrook history. That is, until now. We are now offering copies of the poster for sale to act as memento of this year's anniversary and the significant legacy of this special place.

The Westbrook 70th poster is available in two sizes - A1 (£15) and A2 (£10) and will be printed and sent to you direct from the print supplier. You can place your orders for these one-off displays by visiting the Urban Saints online store:

Buy a Westbrook 70th poster

If you have never had the Urban Saints Westbrook experience with a group (or if you have and your keen to relive that experience in 2019), there's never been a better time to start planning your trip.

Taking time away with a group (or school party or church group) is a fantastic way to build upon the relational work you are doing week-in and week-out. When it comes to a stay at Urban Saints Westbrook you'll be surprised how easy and inexpensive it can be.

You may also be surprised to discover what's now available at Urban Saints Westbrook (especially if you haven't been in a few years!). We can now offer camping in addition to dormitories as well as roped tree climbing and woodland laser tag on-site. Full details of prices, availability and options can be found on the Urban Saints Westbrook website:

Urban Saints Westbrook

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