Additional Needs Ministry

4th Oct 2018

With grateful thanks to God and the continued support of many who pray, give financially and in other ways encourage the work of the Additional Needs Ministry at Urban Saints, it has been an amazingly fruitful year for the ministry so far.  

As you will see from the enclosed report, we have equipped and inspired many children’s and youth leaders in 2018 so far, with more events planned before the end of the year.  Feedback has been amazingly positive, with these examples representing many more:

“Professionally and wisely delivered in a practical matter of fact way – very accessible for everyone!  Thought it was just great!  Informative, great atmosphere, and Mark’s delivery style was spot on.”  ‘All Inclusive?’ – Loughborough

“Innovative, engaging, great ideas to try.  Interactive, plenty of sharing of items.”  “It was great having discussion questions throughout.  Great use of resources and resource links.  Brilliant, thank you.”  ‘All Inclusive?’ – Worcester

Through these training and conference events, we’re slaying giants. The giant that says that children with additional needs shouldn’t be included in church as they can be disruptive; the giant that says that young people with disabilities cannot be discipled or given opportunities to serve; the giant that tells families of a disabled child that they have failed, that it’s their fault.  These giants and many more are slain as surely as Goliath was, by the work of this ministry, praise God!

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