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11th Nov 2017

Could you (and your church) host an inspiring, fun-packed evening on making disciples?

"Discipleship presented in an accessible way..."

"From start to finish, the seminar was inspirational. I felt deeply encouraged. My spirit was lifted again as a person who lives to reach people through lifestyle evangelism"

"Discipleship presented in a way that was accessible - i.e:  a feeling of "I can do that". Very, very practical and inspiring."

Those are just some of the things people said having attended the 2017 ‘Disciples Making Disciples’ seminar tour with Matt Summerfield.

Over 500 people attended the seminar evening this year which explores…

  • 4 powerful reasons why we should long for people to become followers of Jesus
  • 3 confidence-building activities which help people get interested in faith
  • 3 simple phrases to explain what it means to be a Christian
  • 4 life-style challenges to make disciples who make disciples
  • 1 BIG commitment that could change the lives of millions of people

We’re now taking bookings for churches to host the event in 2018 so check out the details HERE to find out more.

"I will be praying for 3 non-Christian friends more specifically. God has highlighted a friend who I will hope to disciple.”

Click HERE to read what some people said they were committing to do having attended the seminar this year.

So, please spend a moment finding out more about how the Disciples Making Disciples seminar tour can inspire and equip EVERYONE in your church (adults and young people) to grow their faith, and the faith of others.

Find out more about 'Disciples Making Disciples'

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