Fidgeting and focus - the importance of the fiddle box

12th Jul 2017

Make Your Own Fiddle Box - Facebook Live broadcast July 12th 2017

Mark Arnold, our Additional Needs Ministry Director, has written a blog about the importance of having a fiddle box as part of your additional needs provision in your weekly group. On July 12th Mark is going to host a short video presentation, using Facebook Live, on how to put together your own fiddle box (you'll be able to watch it back afterwards on this page or via the Urban Saints Facebook page).

In his blog, Mark says...

"There has been an enormous amount of fuss in the last few months about fidget (or fiddle) toys… largely focussed around finger spinners and fidget cubes… Much of the commentary around this has been generated by the debate as to whether schools are right or wrong to ban them, as many (but not all) have… Are they a useful aid to focus for children? Are they a distraction for them and others? There has been much discussion about this, some very good and informed input provided (including from my good friend Miriam Gwynne, well worth reading her thoughts on this) as well as some utter guff from folk just jumping on the bandwagon without understanding this at all…"

If you want to read the full article on this subject, check it out on Mark's blog:

The Additional Needs Blogfather

Alternatively, tune in live with Mark on July 12th on the Urban Saints Facebook page (or watch it afterwards there too!)

Urban Saints on Facebook

Need help with your Additional Needs provision?

If you would like to know more about the support Urban Saints can give to you as you support children, young people and families with additional needs, please visit our Additional Needs webpages:

All Inclusive?

You can even buy your own Urban Saints branded fidget toys - a proportion of the cost from these to go to support the Additional Needs ministry of Urban Saints...

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