Pray with US: Summer Prayer Diary

14th Jun 2017

Thank you so much for praying for the annual Sprees, holidays and mission trips. Once again, this summer will be an amazing opportunity for children and young people to hear about God, the good news of Jesus and the plans He has for their lives.. Your prayers make such a huge difference to the effectiveness of the ministry.

I was privileged to attend the baptism of a 16 year old girl from my church recently. Although she is from a solid Christian background, she spoke of the big influence that Spree had had on her Christian life:

"So, by year 7, I was fully aware of what faith was and I knew that I wanted mine to show more in my everyday life. This shone through when I invited one of my best friends to join me on a Christian camp weekend called Spree.

This was where I made the huge symbol of actually getting up from my cramped seated position among a surprising amount of earwigs in a hall with a few others from our group and some others from different church youth groups in the last worship/meeting session of the weekend and confirming that I was and had chosen to become a Christian. This was a big step for me to take with my now growing faith."

You can see from this, and you already know, that holidays have a huge impact on children and young people, both from churched and non-churched backgrounds.  Thank you for your prayers – they are so valued.

To print the Summer Prayer Diary, click the button below. The diary has been designed so it is easy to understand in both colour or black and white print.

Download our 2017 Summer Prayer Diary HERE

If you'd prefer us to send you a paper copy in the post, we can! Click here to drop me an email to ask for one.

Jo Slater

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