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5th Apr 2017

This weekend the 2017 ReBuild Mexico teams fly out to take part in the latest house-building project. But there's something very different about the way these teams look...

ReBuild Mexico is an eleven-day experience where groups of young people build a new home for a poor family in Mexico, right from the foundations upwards, in a few short days using just hand tools! Then they can hand over the keys and see the reaction as they literally change one family's lives forever! On top of this, they get to experience church in a completely different culture, the opportunity to be stretched in their faith and grow in their character. Those young people will get the satisfaction of serving a community of people in various ways as well as the building work itself - including helping with games and crafts for the local children.

If you happen to be in the right airport this weekend, you would recognise the ReBuild teams from their distinctive coloured t-shirts - a souvenir that has become much treasured for groups over the years. But this year, the t-shirts are different in more ways than just their colour. The 2017 ReBuild shirts have been supplied by ethical fashion start-up, Know The Origin (Wholesale). The company was inspired by the ReBuild experience itself. One of Know The Origin's co-founders, Charlotte Instone, was so challenged by what she witnessed in Mexico that she decided to seek to bring justice to the fashion industry into which she had recently graduated.

Know The Origin (Wholesale) are working to promote transparency and social justice in the garment industry, from cotton farm to finished product. Those involved in the production of the new ReBuild t-shirts have been treated with respect and given dignity in their work. From the cotton farmers, to the tailors, to the printers - every worker is employed under the Fairtrade certification. The new t-shirts are also made from organic cotton, without the use of harmful pesticides that cause damage to people's health and to the environment. Know The Origin Wholesale only work with suppliers and manufacturers who value their employees, pay them fairly and make provision for their long-term well-being. In addition to helping businesses and charities (like Urban Saints) source organic and ethically-produced clothing, Know The Origin also have their own fashion line and determined to prove that you don't have to compromise your ethics or your style.

You can watch Charlotte explaining some of the Know The Origin Wholesale story below:

So, in 2017, even the ReBuild t-shirts are making a positive impact in the lives of others!

The 2017 ReBuild t-shirts, produced by Know The Origin Wholesale, are only available to 2017 trip participants and so if you're hoping to get hold of one, you're probably going to be disappointed... However, there some alternatives available to you:

BUY a Know-The-Origin-produced 'Harmless' t-shirt  (see picture) from the NEW Urban Saints Store

Browse the Know The Origin foundation collection on their website

Order your own Know The Origin Wholesale clothing items

Also NEW for 2017...

The ReBuild teams are hoping to broadcast live each day from the build sites over in Tijuana, Mexico, to give people updates on their progress and an insight into daily life on ReBuild. Whether you are interested in future trips or a parent keen for updates, why not like the ReBuild Facebook page and look out for broadcasts each day between 2pm and 8pm approximately (9th-16th April):

ReBuild on Facebook

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