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Finding this page means you have experienced the Flip the Narrative Spider Dome!

We all have a story. One that will unfold as we live our lives. Your story matters. Be brave and tell your story.  Be bold to ask the questions for yourself about life, purpose, faith, dating, death, hopes... anything!

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DM your voice, your thoughts, your stories and let's see how we can bring your voice to flip the narrative. Because you matter.

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How are you feeling today?

“Not every day feels like a good day but good can be found in every day.”

Being aware of how we feel is really important. It is good to share how you are as this can help us. Emotions are a signpost to help us process our everyday lives.

What do you do when you are not feeling so great? Take a bath, go for a run, take time out with friends, do something creative or watch some TV - these are all options.

Consider what adds to your happiness and do those things when you are ever feeling low or upset.

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Is the world fair?

Yes , No or sometimes?

Justice, kindness, respect, forgiveness, hope - all these words, when actioned, lead us to a fairer world. Is this true and if so why?

What changes would there be in your life if everything was fair?

Malala Yousafzai said, ‘When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.’

Be that one voice!

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What is possible?

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” Nelson Mandela

Ever talked yourself out of doing something before you have even given it a go?

We probably all have, but what is it that stops you?

Is it other people’s opinions or expectations, your own fear of failure or not getting it right the first time?

Dare to dream and create a plan to get there! Ask great questions and make good connections to people who can help.

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Where are you heading?

“Not all who wander are lost”  J.R.R. Tolkien

Have you ever jumped on a bus or train and realised it was the wrong one?!

It can be easy to do when there are so many options, or you feel like you must rush so you don’t miss out.

Three tips to help your future direction:

  1. Take time to ask questions to the right people
  2. Find out what you enjoy and are passionate about
  3. Start with the end in mind (think about the final outcome and work backwards)

These tips can help you know where you want to be heading in life.

Action the tips and stay in touch with how you get on and if we can help.

Instagram: @flipthenarrative_us

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