We've got a range of clothing available - such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats - to really help you feel like you belong in the Urban Saints family!

Discount offer: Do you have an old Urban Saints branded hoodie that’s still wearable?
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Do you have an old Urban Saints branded hoodie that’s still wearable?

If so, why not get a discount on your new Urban Saints branded hoodie, zoodie or sweatshirt when you return your old one?

We’re passionate about reducing waste and providing opportunities for Urban Saints Groups to take a stand for justice in everyday situations. We are also aware that the Urban Saints logo has changed in recent years and although it is only subtly different, there are plenty of Urban Saints-branded clothing out there that includes an old version of the logo. If your Group is looking for some updated items of clothing, then we will gladly find a good home for your old Urban Saints branded clothing and offer you a nice discount on brand new hoodies, zoodies or sweatshirts too.

Any old Urban Saints branded hoodies, zoodies or sweatshirts you return to us will be sent to help a project overseas, giving these items a second life with someone who really needs them. Do make sure they are in wearable condition - they don’t have to be pristine but just ensure you would not be embarrassed to give them to another person!

In return for each item received, we’ll give you a discount of £5 off an equivalent item of clothing. Everyone wins - you’ll have a lovely new garment, that costs you less and someone else gets to enjoy your old one too!

This discount offer is initially only open to Urban Saints Groups making an order of new clothing on behalf of their Group members / leaders. We hope to offer it to individuals too in the future but not at this time.

Please send returned items to the following address, including your name, contact details / email and the name of your Urban Saints Group:-

Clothing Redistribution
Urban Saints Support Centre
Kestin House
45 Crescent Road

Please check the further information on this Clothing Redistribution Scheme on the Important Information page:

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