Shine Online

Shine is a girls gathering that has been taking place for the last 12 years and this year we came together online! Shine Online is not a time for staring at your screen; there are so many Shine favourites that you can take part in including three brilliant sessions, boot camp and a plethora of creative workshops.

At a glance

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we had the incredible opportunity to take Shine online in 2020 with over 100 of us gathered online. We wanted to share the content of our weekend with you so that you can also benefit from what was a weekend of incredible teaching, workshops and afterhours fun.

Here you will find content for a weekend packed full of all your favourite activities from Shine including teaching sessions with your favourite faces, ideas for after-hours fun and lots of brilliant activities.


Example Schedule 


Click on the link below to find out more information about Shine and how it was run online in 2020.

Shine 2020 Brochure

Teaching and Worship 

Session One - The Perfect Track Record

Session Two - Never Trust a Mirror

Session Three - Trees and Trust

Session Four - Leaning in to Trust


Boot Camp 


Affirmation Art


Felt Christmas Decoration


Chocolate Tiffin


Soda Bread


BSL Signing


Pamper - Looking after yourself


Trusting - Keeping Faith in Change


Voice - Finding your voice and making it count


Stretch and Relax