School & College Groups

School/College Groups

School/College Groups are run by volunteers – possibly peer leaders – drawn from the school/college community and/or local churches. The Group exists by express permission of the head and governing body of the school/college and runs under the public liability insurance and policies/practice guidelines of the school/college.

The Main Leaders are appointed by Urban Saints and they then appoint the rest of their team. All leaders and helpers aged 18* and over are DBS/PVG/AccessNI checked by Urban Saints. (*PVG Disclosures are required from age 16 in Scotland). Lines of accountability are as follows:

Roles within a School/College Group




TRAINEE HELPER (TH) - this role will be available in spring 2020

Forms for School/College Groups

Here are the forms that School/College Groups will find helpful - click on each link to download a printable PDF version:

Role Description - Main Leader

Role Description - Assistant Leader

Role Description - Group Helper

Role Description - Trainee Helper

Apply for a role on a School/College Group team

If you have been asked to apply for a role on a School/College Group leadership team, please click the link below to go to the online Form:

Apply for a role on a School/College Group team

Apply to start a School/College Group

If you have contacted Urban Saints and are now ready to start a School/College Group, click the link below to go the online Form:

Start a School/College Group

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