Resources for Groups

A summary of the resources available from Urban Saints for Groups to use.

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Thousands of engaging and adaptable biblical sessions, training articles and support resources. Available for every leader and helper in your Urban Saints Group.

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Pick n Mix

Free resources for use on group Zoom calls or socially distanced group meetings.

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Kids Club By Post

Kids Club by Post was a weekly pack of Bible-based stories and activities for children to participate in at home whilst their groups are unable to meet. Created in Wales (and therefore available in dual language) but distributed throughout the UK and beyond during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Imagine a social media app that combines some of the functionality of Instagram with some of the content of the YouVersion Bible app and you’ll begin to get a sense of what Grow is about. It gives users the opportunity to connect with friends, share what’s happening, and experience what churches and influencers are creating across the globe.

Grow provides a healthy social experience, alongside devotional plans and Christian content. It is completely free, and as well as providing devotional plans it allows users to share videos, songs, Bible verses, websites and images with followers and within devotionals. It currently supports 9 different Bible translations.

If you are already producing devotionals for your Group - or you'd like to in the future - Grow is a quick and simple way to offer devotional materials as a follow-up to your weekly sessions.

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Helpful Links

We've also compiled a list of organisations that might be useful to you as an Urban Saints Group. You can view the list via the link below and if you have any suggestions for organisations to add to this list, please contact us by the email address on that page:

Helpful Links

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