Remember November

November is 'Remember November' and we have taken a look back at some of the pioneers of Urban Saints - men and women who set the standard for serving children and young people.

November traditionally is a month of remembrance. We have taken time out to show our respects to those who gave their lives in the armed forces, fighting for our freedoms. However in 2020, we have take the time to draw attention to the lasting legacy of some of Urban Saints' most committed and inspiring volunteers through the years

Join us as we recognise just a few of the many incredible people who have led the way for others to follow.

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November 1st to 5th

Download (Kestin / Bevington / Griffiths / Atkins / Vereker)


November 6th to 10th

Download (MacAulay / Tidmarsh / Laing / Goodman / Bevington)


November 11th to 14th

Download (Finnie & Jones / Knapp / Baber / Richard)


November 15th to 19th

Download (Watford / Killen / McQuaker / Rogers / LeRoy)


November 20th to 24th

Download (Hunt / Mooney / Hercus / Eakins / Bacon)


November 25th to 29th

Download (Martin / Allen / Mercer / Head / Hooper)


November 30th

Download (Redfern)

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