Welcome to the North East Region!  This is the place to find out all about what Urban Saints are up to anywhere north of Grimsby, South of Berwick and East of the Pennines.

On this site, you can find all the information about starting a group, getting good resources and training near you and all the latest on great events and opportunities right here in the North East region!



What’s more, there are about a million young people in our region, and our aim is to partner with others in reaching out to every single one of them, encouraging them to live lives of faith, hope and love.

So whether you’re a youth and children's work veteran or clueless about where to start, we hope you’ll join us as we make Jesus known to young people across our region.

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Spree North East 2016

2nd Dec 2016

Big Night Out

11th Jun 2015

The Big Night Out

10th Oct 2014

Spree North East 2014

23rd Sep 2014