ReBuild South Africa

Urban Saints has been partnering with projects in South Africa since 2010. South Africa is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. 

South Africa is mainly known for its struggles with apartheid, and great leaders who navigated these dangerous and divisive issues. One of these great leaders was Nelson Mandela. 

In recent years, South Africa has struggled with its economy which has lead to leadership change and may mean a brighter future for the country. However, the country still struggled with divided communities and significant issues of poverty and destitution.


ReBuild is run in partnership with Amor Ministries, with the main project taking the form of a 5 day building project. We work with Amor and the local churches to build easy to construct houses, tailored to recipients and their requirements. The houses built in South Africa are built to exceed the minimum standard set by the government which includes plumbing and electrics.

All of our house building projects are supported by a team of staff from Amor who bring guidance and expertise in the building projects we undertake.

This 10 day adventure takes place during the summer every year. 

ReBuild South Africa 2019 is open for booking 

ReBuild South Africa 2020 is open for enquiries 

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