Overseas Adventures

2022 trips

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and the associated challenges with running overseas trips, we have made the difficult decision not to run our trips during 2022. However, we remain committed to discipling young people in a way that grows a heart for justice. 

Overseas Adventures take much planning and preparation for all involved: participants, group leaders, trip organisers and overseas partners. Typically, it takes 18 months to plan, fundraise and prepare before heading away.

Whilst Urban Saints are not running Overseas Adventures in 2022, we know how incredible the impact of well-run justice expeditions can be. We are very glad that that some groups are interested in exploring alternative choices of expeditions. 

Our friends at Amor are in the planning process for their trips in 2022 and 2023, and we would encourage you to take a look at their website to explore options for your group.

Visit the Amor Europe website