Two men praying together

Prayer Warriors For The Kingdom

We're building a nationwide prayer network across Urban Saints and to do this effectively we are recruiting Regional Prayer Coordinators (RPCs). These RPCs will gather prayer warriors locally and keep them updated with the latest local prayer requests and answers to prayer. We asked two of our RPCs to tell us...

An isolated young person sitting on a bench

Reaching the connected and unconnected

Isolation is a lonely place to find ourselves. Loneliness will be experienced in different ways in this present season. Some people are completely alone with no human company, day in and day out, and this can be painful. Others have people at home, but this may be a fractured environment,...

Children doing activities with their parents at home

Energize at Home

Energize, our on-line resource website, helps leaders to present the good news of Jesus to young people of all faith levels in engaging and relevant ways in community groups, church youth clubs, and Sunday schools. Around 1,700 groups currently subscribe to Energize and enjoy regularly updated resources that aim to spark...

Anna's Group Leaders

“Volunteers had been praying long before I arrived!”

An Impact Team Leader’s role is to find and work with volunteers within an area to reach and disciple young people for Jesus, mainly through new Groups. But it's more than that, it's being someone who listens to what God is saying and asking, "God, where are you up to...

Boy sat on wall

Is this a closed door or an open one?

Over the last few months, I have loved hearing some of the stories that come out of our Groups. There have been stories from long-standing Groups about generation after generation of young people from the same family going through the same Group (sometimes with the same Leaders!). Stories about young people...

Jesus healed many people, but what was he really teaching us?

Jesus heals a deaf and mute man

Jesus performed many miracles during his three-year ministry, from turning water into wine at the beginning to the second miraculous catch of fish towards the end. He also healed people, lots of people, with approximately two-thirds of his recorded miracles involving healing, and that doesn’t include casting out evil spirits...