A group of Urban Saints Leaders standing on top of a wall - they are more than conquerors

24/2 Prayer

Being an 'Urban Saint' means prayer is essential and we seek to pray together regularly asking God to bless our Groups, volunteers and young people as well as the ministries of other youth organisations around the UK. We are passionate about inviting God into everything we do and we don’t want to...

A youth leader running a group session online

"I am desperately worried about young people..."

“Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me.” Jesus, (Mark 9:37 NIVUK)   Mission goes online!   I was talking to a long-standing supporter on the phone recently. They were ever so worried about children and young people during the pandemic. We talked about the ways that Urban Saints is helping and as we...

Five people jumping from a brick wall

Thanksgiving Service - Celebrating 120 years

It is more than 120 years since Rev. Albert Kestin first gathered a group of boys in a living room in North London in April 1900. As we commemorate 120 years of disciple-making, we look to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. We want to celebrate and give thanks for...

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Update: Group gatherings in England

We are aware that there has been some uncertainty about the recent updates to Government guidelines around group gatherings. The guidelines state that people in England will no longer be permitted to gather socially in groups of more than 6 from Monday 14th September. This refers to gatherings both indoors and outdoors....

Claire Murphy Interim CEO of Urban Saints 2020

Update from Claire Murphy

The recent months of lockdown may have changed how Urban Saints works, but our ministry is still going ahead; Groups have been meeting together online and reaching out to young people, we've still been able to run training sessions and to connect with volunteers and in the last few weeks Virtual...

Girl wearing a red hoodie taking a photograph in South Africa

Overseas Adventures in 2021

We wanted to share an update on our plans for Overseas Adventures going forward. The global situation with COVID-19 means it is still unclear at this stage if trips will even be possible in 2021. Given the circumstances, we have decided that Urban Saints will not run any Overseas Adventures in 2021. This...