Reunion still meeting after 32 years

Back in the early days of World War Two (December 1939), a Crusader Class opened in Worcester, which ran until 1991. 32 years on, the friendships made in the Group are so solid that the former members and Leaders continue to meet up. Bob Sargeant tells the story. “An Association was...


Does your Group or Church invite everyone to belong?

The spring term is a time of year that offers us an opportunity to take stock, review what we are doing, and make changes to improve or develop what we are providing. How about thinking about whether our children’s and youth work, as well as our church provision as a...


20 years of Energize

Do you remember when the only way to access teaching resources for your Group was to buy a book or subscribe to a magazine? Did you ever have to do the ‘midnight run’ and post the only copy of the book or magazine through the letterbox of the Leader who...

Bill Latham

Those who have gone before

Urban Saints is built on a strong foundation of faithful leaders and supporters who grew up in Crusaders and remained actively involved in the movement. We have always paid tribute to those that have gone to be with Christ in our Associate News publication and this continues in our new...

Llandderfel pancakes

Feeding the village

Llandderfel US pancake event 2023 For the 6th time in recent years, the older Group in Llandderfel ran a pancake event for the village. They planned, had a practice evening and then, on the day, worked hard for over 4 hours cooking, running races for all ages and clearing up.  The...


Hope and purpose together in Bradford

Three Urban Saints Groups came together to celebrate Christmas with a big youth event and there were contributions from across the country to make this celebration of hope and purpose in Bradford possible... “God, I want to know how to live in purpose. I feel like I am just existing. But...