Urban Saints North Camp 2023

At the end of May, Urban Saints North hosted it’s very first Summer weekend away at Bowley Campsite, in East Lancashire. 2 groups of young people (all girls) joined together amidst a backdrop of hills, woodlands and scenic views and had a weekend of God, games and giggles. The theme of...


Young Leadership through Bromley Crusaders

As part of the Growing Faith Foundation Strategic Leaders programme, we recently had to map out our leadership origin story, answering the question, ‘who or what were the 2 or 3 most significant things that encouraged you in leadership’.  For me, I was given leadership opportunities from a young age:...


Let's Talk: Q&A about the new resource

Want to discuss topics young people care about? Need something that works with unchurched young people? Would love to create a safe space for your group to talk? A new resource has appeared on Energize, our youth work resources platform, that is designed to help youth workers host discussions that will help young people...


With Christ

Urban Saints is built on a strong foundation of faithful leaders and supporters who grew up in Crusaders and remained actively involved in the movement. We have always paid tribute to those that have gone to be with Christ in our Associate News publication and Link US magazine.   Prof. Adrian C...


Volunteer Focus: Karen Fowler

We wanted to highlight the fantastic contribution that Karen makes for her local group, Ripon Grammar Urban Saints. Karen creatively adds so much to her group even though she doesn't physically attend her group! Instead, her contribution is that she prepares, prays, and prophetically equip the leaders and young people with...


Safe Spaces for young people are vital

Tonight, 7 of the Urban Saints members of Girls Hangout and Thornton Hangout ventured to a local community centre that was hosting 'Blood's Thicker', a short, hard-hitting play about the dangers of carrying a knife produced by The Unit in partnership with Breaking the Cycle, funded by Bradford Council. Our evening...