Passing the baton through the generations

As a keen sports fan, the Olympics is an event that I always look forward to, when it rolls round every four years. With track and field athletics being, for me, the jewel in the crown of Olympic sports, it never fails to captivate me from start to finish. In...


School: Best days of your life?

I heard this statement a lot growing up and, if I am honest, it is probably a statement I thought myself from time to time without really thinking it through. For many this may be their experience but for others it may not come close to the truth.   A recent study...


48 hours of prayer

It's time to stand together in prayer with Urban Saints. Later this month we're hosting another 24/2 Prayer event - 48 hours of prayer across the movement, calling out to God on behalf of children and young people and the thousands of people who journey with them. We invite you to...


Volunteer focus: Thank you Ray

Last summer saw Ray Allison step down as a Leader at Camps after 57 years. Most of you who have ‘been around a while’ will know Ray - either from his time serving at Head Office in the Finance Team, or from the Athletics, or because you have met him...


Take my Group away?

You must be kidding! I haven’t met them but I do understand that the children and young people we work with can often be challenging even in our weekly Groups and the idea of letting them run riot over a longer period may seem like it requires a particular kind of...


Reunion still meeting after 32 years

Back in the early days of World War Two (December 1939), a Crusader Class opened in Worcester, which ran until 1991. 32 years on, the friendships made in the Group are so solid that the former members and Leaders continue to meet up. Bob Sargeant tells the story. “An Association was...