Re-envisioning: Richard Giles on Progress

All of us can look back on our teenage years and single out the high and low points we faced. They will be unique and personal, having shaped and impacted us in different ways. Now a new generation owns the ‘field’ - one which I believe offers greater opportunities, but...

Young People at the Amplify Residential

Amplify - The Power of Evangelism

The doors swung open and 150 young people eagerly piled into the room, clearly hungry and ready to be fed. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the response to dinner being served; when in reality, it was a gathering of young evangelists eager to get the best seats for...


Helping young people to belong and flourish

Helping young people to belong and flourish      Figures, they say, don’t lie. In England – and across the UK as a whole – the number of pupils with special educational needs are mounting and authorities are struggling to provide every pupil with a plan to address these needs.     Eleven years ago, Urban...


Interview with Gill Morgan

We have been speaking to Gill Morgan, one of our longest-serving Crusaders, having clocked 68 years as a member of Crusaders-turned-Urban Saints. Gill shares her journey, recalling the highlights, the ‘outrageous fun’, constant reinvention and her passion for ‘youth stuff’.     That passion continues. Just the week before our chat, Gill and...


Could This Be Your Group’s Story Too?

I love to hear stories, don’t you? And when the stories inspire us to bring about positive change then they are even better; we can place ourselves in the story and see how it all turns out. I think that’s why Jesus used stories all the time to inspire and...


Alrewas Fun Club

Just outside Lichfield, in the next county, Derbyshire, there is a lovely village called Alrewas and if you go there, you will find our New Urban Saints Group.   This is exciting as there aren’t any Urban Saints Groups in this county. One of our group helpers from another group in...