Girl with her arms raised

Strangers paid for my holiday

“She was overwhelmed by the idea that complete strangers would pay for her to have a holiday.” Over the years many people have very generously given to the Camp Bursary Fund to enable young people to attend camp who otherwise may not have been able to go. One leader gave us...

The 7 ethical questions blog on Premier Christianity - and our reflections on it

The Adventure of Living Justly

For over 2000 years, the adventure of pilgrimage has been a powerful part of a Christian's development. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in an Overseas Adventure that pushes boundaries, accelerates discipleship and engages them in justice whilst they learn and make friends. Over the...

The logo for the European Disability Network featuring a map of Europe and a superimposed cross

Urban Saints invited to join the European Disability Network

The work of the Additional Needs Ministry at Urban Saints has been recognised internationally as the steering group of the European Disability Network have invited us to join, representing children and young people from the UK with additional needs or disabilities. The European Disability Network seeks to see a dynamic disability...

House built by a ReBuild South Africa team

Can You Take Young People With Additional Needs On Overseas Mission?

Going on an overseas mission trip can often be a transforming and life changing experience; offering an opportunity to serve in a very different culture and environment, challenging our worldview and our perceptions of our role in the world. Taking young people on a short-term mission trip experience can equip...

Melanie McDonald - the Scotland Support Worker

Meet Melanie

Melanie McDonald is our new Scotland Support Worker and we are really looking forward to what she will bring to Urban Saints Scotland. We met with her today to find out a little more about what makes her tick. Tell us a bit about yourself I am married with a little boy and we...

A small child sits alone on a bench - additional needs and disability support from Urban Saints

Making groups more accessible

At Urban Saints we love groups that are as accessible as possible for as many children and young people as possible. Our commitment to supporting those with additional needs and disabilities (and their families) is one way we are helping groups to become more accessible. If your group or church is...