Summer in North Wales. A story of amazing volunteers and a great God.

29th May 2024

By Andy Hughes

For the last 27 years, Crusaders/Urban Saints have had summer camps for our Groups in North Wales. We even managed an online camp during lockdown!

These are rooted in our weekly Groups and involve our brilliant Leaders bringing young people from their Groups on camp alongside some other non-US Groups that we have long partnered with in this. In recent years, we’ve also developed some camps for the families of young people in our Groups which means we have the opportunity to share Jesus with whole families not just the young people.

As well as our Group Leaders, camps are staffed by a host of talented and enthusiastic volunteers, many of these come from the same churches as Group Leaders. Some are friends or family of leaders; some were campers themselves when younger or are parents of past campers. Several team members are younger, we have service crew on each camp which is made up of 14–18-year-olds. Other team members, like me, are older. We have a retired prison chef as one of our caterers! Many don’t even come on camps with young people but are part of work parties on the sites during the year and especially set up and take down. Countless come year after year and say they couldn’t imagine not doing this. Neither could I!

All these volunteers work so hard and are so committed. I love that God builds people from different communities into teams that plan together and work together for His purposes. And I love that relationships develop, friendships and working partnerships are formed, seeds of faith are planted, explored and grow. Creativity is expressed, purpose and calling are discovered and so much more.

So, with all this very much in mind, we gathered the teams together for four of our camps on Saturday 18 May for a preparation morning. A morning filled with information, fun, learning, training, planning, worship, prayer, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It was a taste of Kingdom, and we look forward to what God will do with these teams in the summer to come.