Young People at the Amplify Residential

Amplify - The Power of Evangelism

25th Oct 2023

The doors swung open and 150 young people eagerly piled into the room, clearly hungry and ready to be fed. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the response to dinner being served; when in reality, it was a gathering of young evangelists eager to get the best seats for the evening session and hear God’s word.

On Friday 13th October, the Amplify Young Evangelists Academy launched its six-month programme with a three-day residential at Whitemoor Lakes in Staffordshire. Young people from across the UK and Ireland travelled to the Central region, driven by their shared love for Jesus and their passion to share the good news of the Gospel within their own communities.

“It was awesome… better than I ever could have imagined. It was so incredible to see so many people my age that were on fire for Jesus. It was just so inspiring. I came away feeling so close to God and I made so many new friends! Everyone was so welcoming and kind. I’m so excited for the next residential and for the group calls. I loved it!”
Amelie, age 15 (Staffordshire)

As part of a wider programme, upon arrival the young people were introduced to their designated Amplify Group Leaders, who will journey with them for the entirety of the programme through online digital groups that offer support, teaching, and encouragement. With majority of the young attendees signing up to the programme alone, it was heartening to witness them make new friends as they united in their Amplify small groups to embark upon this adventure together. Any nervousness that was initially felt during arrival quickly melted away, with peals of laughter soon heard echoing throughout the building.

Friday evening kicked off with some introductory games, fantastic hosting skills, and an incredible time of worship. As the young hands continued to raise in the air, the presence of God just descended and hovered across the room.

It was tangible. It was breath taking.

Various members of the Amplify Core Team took turns to lead keynote sessions, all themed around the power of evangelism. On Saturday morning, I was privileged to lead the morning session and share on the topic of ‘personal holiness’. Focusing on Matthew 5:14-16, I talked about our willingness to shine our light before others in order to glorify God.

‘You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.’

Digging a little deeper, I discussed how the Hebrew word for Holy is Kadosh (taken from the root word Kadash), which – in its literal meaning – describes ‘being set apart for a specific purpose’. As the morning session drew to a close, the young people reconvened in their small groups, where they were invited to share how they could set themselves apart and stay accountable in their journey towards holiness.

During the weekend, the young people engaged in deep conversations, prayer ministry, and sharing their lived experience as a Christian. New friendships were birthed, with young people connecting to become ‘accountability buddies’. Some sat quietly and soaked it all up like a sponge, whilst others proudly and boldly took centre stage and shared their testimonies.

It is easy to see why the young people found the Amplify residential such a rewarding experience. More than ‘just a programme’, Amplify creates a safe space for young people to dig into their faith without fear of judgement or scorn. It allows them to ask questions of, but also constructively challenge, their peers. With a diverse team of Leaders, drawn from a range of geographical areas and representing a platform of organisations working in partnership, it role models unity and harmony as opposed to the disunity and conflict the young people are often exposed to in their worldly settings. It is not just an event, but a launchpad into a journey of faith, obedience, and courageous leadership. Amplify symbolises hope in a new way, empowering young people to share the love of Christ and making a kingdom impact.

Sara Taylor
Missions Lead


Amplify Young Evangelists Academy is a partnership between Youth for Christ, The Message, Pais Movement, Scripture Union, Alpha, Urban Saints, Advance, Festive, and HOPE Together.



Amplify Young Evangelists Academy is an evangelism mentoring scheme for 11-17-year-olds, seeking to encourage, equip and empower young people to share their faith with their friends, family, and community. The six-month long, interactive programme is made up of two in-person gatherings, monthly online group mentoring sessions and evangelism masterclasses with those sharing their faith in the worlds of music, sport, performing arts, social media, social action and many more.

Gathering like-minded young people, Amplify seeks to see young people encourage each other in their faith, both witnessing and being empowered in ways they can live that out in their day-to-day lives.


What if together we could raise the next wave of young evangelists? Giving a generation of the young people the opportunity we never had? The young people have such innovative and pioneering spirits, founded in a desire to see their peers and others come to know Jesus! We are creating an incredibly exciting space for young people to develop their gift as an evangelist in their school, street, and through social media.


Amplify aims to deeply invest in young people who are actively living out what it looks like to share their faith; confidently speaking with peers, inviting friends to church, setting up Christian Unions and generally taking any opportunity to share Jesus. The programme aims to help them to develop a greater understanding of the gospel as well as confidence in sharing their faith. We offer opportunities for evangelism in a variety of settings – offering accessible models of what it means to share faith in this contemporary youth culture. Amplify will seek to journey with 150-200 hand-picked young people aged 11-17 for each 6-month long programme, from many different churches and denominations right across the UK.


1. Gatherings: Throughout the year there are 2 residential events. The first one took place in October, with the second running in March.

2. Small Groups: Small groups have been put together based on age. These Groups meet online and are be facilitated by our small group leaders.

3. Evangelism Masterclasses: Evangelism takes place in many different forms – streets, platforms, social media, 1-2-1, etc… So, during the winter the young people will take part in online Evangelism Masterclasses with Specialist Mentors who are evangelists from all sectors of society, they are specialists in their field of evangelism.

4. Missional Opportunities: There will be opportunities for these young people to share the stories of how they are reaching a generation for Jesus at conferences and events to inspire other young people to do the same, but also opportunity to join short term missions across the nation in villages, towns, and cities. Our hope is that through this programme of residentials, monthly small groups, evangelism masterclasses and ongoing missional opportunities, that we will see a group raised up who can model, not only to other young people but to the wider church, what it looks like to reach a generation for Jesus.

For more information on the Amplify programme, visit the Amplify Academy website.